Springtime – National Month of the Deaf in South Africa!

September is the National Month of the Deaf in South Africa.

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2017 Seeking an opportunity to learn SASL

Trying to learn South African Sign Language must feel like looking for an oasis in the desert for many who read this blog.   Training providers like ourselves have to make difficult decisions about priorities.  Sadly some other excellent training providers have also limited their focus to particular groups rather than offering general opportunities to members of the public to learn SASL.   We are currently in communication with some possible opportunities where we could refer those keen to learn SASL for all the many beautiful reasons people want to study the language.   
SLED works mostly in Deaf education.  We develop learning at teaching support materials, and train teachers in teaching SASL literature within the curriculum, in using SASL as the language of learning and teaching, and in teaching Deaf children good written English and we also teach South African Sign Language to teachers.  
We also offer public SASL classes, if we have the opportunity in our schools schedule.   However, we regret to inform you that we are fully booked for 2017 with work in Deaf education.
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If you are the parent of a Deaf child, please let us know. 
We sell a “SASL Dictionary for Families of Young Deaf Children“  You can click on the title for a preview.  It comprises an illustrated book covering many ordinary daily life events, and a DVD that matches the book, and shows each sign in a correct SASL sentence.  The cost is R285 (including VAT) but excluding packaging and postage. With postage it comes to R335 within South Africa.  If you order a copy, we issue a proforma invoice, and then you can pay by bank deposit or EFT. We mail it as soon as you have paid.
If you have any questions, please do email us at sasl@sled.org.za   
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World “Read Aloud” Day in SASL

Welcome to all our new subscribers.

We know that you are waiting for news about public classes….

Here is something to inspire you in the mean time.  SLED, in partnership with Nalibali, produced this  story for World Read Aloud Day 2017.

You can read the English text by clicking here.   You can also search the Nalibali story site for The Feast in other South African Languages.

Is your dream to become a SASL Interpreter?

It is heartwarming to know how many South Africans dream of becoming good South African Sign Language Interpreters.  As with becoming an interpreter between any two languages, to start off you need to be fluent in both languages – SASL and at least one other South African language.

To learn South African Sign Language you need to “budget”  the same intensity and time you would require to learn any other new language.  SLED’s public SASL courses at NQF Levels 4 and 5 are one way to start learning SASL well.   You can follow this page by subscribing (see below the calendar on the right) to keep up to date with SLED’s public class opportunities.

If you are seriously planning to become a SASL interpreter, we recommend that you also contact Delphin Hlungwane, National SASL interpreter & SASLI services coordinator at DeafSA, to find out what the whole journey to becoming an fully fledged interpreter would entail.  This will help you to plan so that you are not disappointed at a later stage.

Her contact details are:  Tel  27 11 482 1610; Fax 27 11 726 5873; Skype : national.sasli; Email: nationalsasli@deafsa.co.za.  She is based at DeafSA 20 Napier Road, Richmond (in Johannesburg), 2092.

If you want more information, you can contact SLED at sasl@sled.org.za.